Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Makin shit is cool.

So I would like to share something that I am pretty sure I invented.

If you are a printer and you have typecases, yer gunna wanna read all about this great thing that I brought to life, well, okay my brother Marty brought it to life but I was there.

So, I have aquired a new wonderful and beautiful case of type. I love getting new type, and I especially love new donated type, that is truely a great and wonderous thing. The Bruno Press shop no longer has room for much of anything. Luckily I have the otherside of the garage, however,  parking a car on this side is a valid request. That means that things can be added on that side but there must still be, at the end of the day, room for a parked car. The other hurdle is that, this is a garage, and cars with snow come into it and the floor sometimes gets wet. In addition to all that, sometimes things need to be moved around or someone needs to get into the attic.

With all of these things on the proverbial table, I had myself a situation to ponder.  When I have those, I often call upon my brother Marty. My (genius) brother designs machines in high tech cad drafting programs that cut granite. On his off time he builds, from scratch, things like 14' trailers that have hydraulic lifts and wood splitters that can be maneuvered by a skid loader.  So, I told him I wanted something that could get my type cases off the floor and make them easier to move round, anyone that has ever had to move a type case knows, this is a bitch of a task.

So it began. We took measurments and brother Marty was off to buy metal. I had to get wheels, paint and bolts.

I will say that learning to weld was very freakin badass, I could not get used to the fact that with that
welder hat on I could not see jack shit so I would always start midair but then I got it and it was awesome. 

Primer-ed and painted, now we were ready for the SWIVELLING wheels!!! I am so smart!

Finally, lets put that baby on the floor and hope like hell it fits. 


So here sits my wonderful invention. My brother is the master of the tool, and once we got all the drawers in  and we moved it around, I realized that I should share this, people are going to WANT THESE. We will make them.
Looogit this thing of beauty! 

Please contact me if you would like to place an order. We got this down and can kick them out!!!
Happy Printing!