Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Very Cool Project...

About a 2 weeks ago, a local business woman came to the shop and wanted to inquire about a project she wanted me to do. Turns out she wanted really cool bookmarks to commemorate a celebration at The Order of the Sisters of Saint Benedict. She pulls out a beautifully simple and elegant broadside that she wanted to use. I immediately recognized it, it was a piece called Three Things, and my dad had done the original. How freakin cool is that? I asked if she knew that my dad had printed it and she said they picked it first and found out second.

I was stoked to do this so AJ (my summer intern) and I started settng type and ordering paper and mixing ink to match the original.

Then we started with the first pass...

Then the second, a killer periwinkle...

That is the C&P that it got printed on.

Now they are finished and will dry overnight, to be picked up my happy people tomorrow!!! I love full cirlce kinda stuff, makes me feel like I am part of a bigger picture, ya know?

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