Saturday, October 13, 2012

My First Gypsy Experience

I recently met and began a certain journey with an interesting person. Her name is Jami Lea and here is the story. 

I had heard many times that I need to get my cards into Gypsy Lea's in Sauk Rapids. This is an easy enough thing to do, I go there with a catalog and some samples of my stuff and meet the gal. Well it remained on my to do list for almost a year. Things sometimes go like that for me no matter what my intentions are, sometimes the time is just not right.

Then a few weeks ago I got a phone call from this very same gal, only she was telling me that she had been told many times over that she needs to carry Bruno Press cards and meet this crazy Mary C Bruno

She called and said: "Dammit, can I just come over and meet you fer crying out loud??" and I could do
nothing but reply "hell yes." So she did come to Bruno Press and we sat out on the patio and had a beer
and talked about our businesses and our lives and things that pissed us off and other things that made us very happy, one of those things just happened to be whiskey. Turns out, we would be friends.

She decided to make an order of my cards and carry them in Gypsy Lea's, not to mention she wanted to plaster my posters all over her walls and pimp me out in every way she could. How freakin cool, right? So began a friendship/business collaboration that shall continue and twist and turn and morph and grow and probably have a few meetings at the Capital Tavern, where we sample white corn whiskey, that frankly, tastes like shit.

Thanks for believing in what I do and believing in what I drink.

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