Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Let me explain how the #Kidcollab project began.

This was the very first #kidcollab I did, it was with my good pal Nico who lives in Los Angeles, California. I went out to visit Nico and his parents I brought with me a 5"x 6" linoleum block and a Sharpie marker. I asked Nico to draw me a picture of some of the "octo-nauts" and "whale sharks" he would talk about and he did. I brought the block back to the shop with me and set it up in the Vandercook press along with type that spelled out Nico and the year it was made.

I print the first color with just the blank block and the type, then I take the block out and begin to carve, add a darker color ink, and print the second color. The silhouette of the image is usually where things get started.

Then three, then four, then the final darkest color is most likely the outline and the process is complete. I love watching the reduction block images come to life!

Me and the man, Nico (age 5 at the time) with our big goofy smiles. 
The next #Kidcollab was during a visit to one of my BFFs place in Portland, Oregon where I went to spend time with Olivia (age 8) and Joshua (age 6) and their folks.

The most recent were Theron (age 6) and Nora Rose (age 7), I keep the colors different every time, although Nora's mother told me that yellow was her favorite color. 
So stoked about these!

Hopefully you get the gist of this series and want to take part. The ultimate finale is that I plan to have  a gallery show of all the #kidcollabs, with all the kids head shots! 
To see them all together is already spectacular, but after I have done 25?
It's gunna melt minds. 
Go get it.  

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