Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Very Cool Project...

About a 2 weeks ago, a local business woman came to the shop and wanted to inquire about a project she wanted me to do. Turns out she wanted really cool bookmarks to commemorate a celebration at The Order of the Sisters of Saint Benedict. She pulls out a beautifully simple and elegant broadside that she wanted to use. I immediately recognized it, it was a piece called Three Things, and my dad had done the original. How freakin cool is that? I asked if she knew that my dad had printed it and she said they picked it first and found out second.

I was stoked to do this so AJ (my summer intern) and I started settng type and ordering paper and mixing ink to match the original.

Then we started with the first pass...

Then the second, a killer periwinkle...

That is the C&P that it got printed on.

Now they are finished and will dry overnight, to be picked up my happy people tomorrow!!! I love full cirlce kinda stuff, makes me feel like I am part of a bigger picture, ya know?

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Letterpress Lock-In

So, last week I got to take part in the Northern Spark in Minneapolis, MN. I cannot really tell you what it was all about but I can tell you that I got invited to print, all night, at Lunalux! Lunalux is a wonderdul little letterpress printshop off of Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis. I brought my trusty intern AJ to be part of "Team Bruno Press".

We were stoked. I got a bunch of lino blocks together and a 12 pack of Nordeast and we hit the road at about 6:30pm on Saturday evening. The deal was that this lockin would start at 9pm and go until 9am! We had the second shift, thank god, cause I am sort of narcaleptic when I am tired.

We got there, picked a cool idea that was submitted by passers by and got busy printing. Over the course of the night almost 625 visited Lunalux and got to take home free letterpress printed posters! They were loving it and out posters we STU-freakin-pendous.

What a night, I think a few people became enamoured to letterpress, it was awesome. The music, the people, the printing, all of it was intoxicating, but mostly the Jack Daniels.