Friday, March 1, 2013

Measuring shit.

Here we are, it's just another day, or is it? Well, for me, there is this thing that has been happening since my last birthday. This sort of pillow over my face with a decent amount of pressure kind of a self induced shortness of breath. This is a thing I do to myself that is sort of bullshit and sort of a reminder to stay the course, especially when I want to quit.

 I am coming close to a milestone-y type age. An age where most people, society, judge-y bastards, nuclear family, would say that a person must grow up. I am sort of panicked, because I think that there is some validity to that and I also think that there are plenty of adult style adults and not enough kid style adults.

That being said: I am not married. I do not have kids. I do not own a home. I do not have a retirement plan. I have no limits to how much I will drink, and I make poor decisions when it comes to men.

However: I am a hard ass worker. I am a crossfitter. I am healthy. I am fun to be around. I like kids. I am good to my friends. I have great friends. I have no limits to how much I will drink, and I make courageous decisions when it comes to my life.

Maybe I should cut myself a little bit of slack. Maybe I should "watch my own bobber" as an old friend used to tell me, and stop comparing myself to others. Maybe it ain't so bad being broke as fuck, so long as yer happy as shit.