Monday, May 14, 2012

It's the final countdown... (DE NER NEE NER, DE NER NEE NEE NEE)

So, just as I am trying to get all my printed ducks in a row, I am also trying to finish up a giant new order from Patina! This is good news with very crappy timing. I am scoring 1000s of cards when I should be packing. Oh well, I can do this and down to the wire is how us Bruno's kick er down. 
I picked up the catalogs on Saturday and they are beautiful. 
Then my BFF went into the hospital and and another friend informed me that he will not be coming with to the show as planned. This is a giant test of strength. I want to spend time with Pauly at the hospital and I want to fimly believe that Nikki and I can kick this monster of a show without anyone else's help, but I'll tell ya, I am a bit stressed. 
I am going to New York fer chrissakes! This is going to be the coolest week of my life ever. Relax right? It is what it is and all the money that I am spending and the time I have dedicated is going to be worth all of this. 

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