Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Girl is Crafty... And she's just my Type (Get it? Type?)

So, past intern Nick S contacted me to inquire about printing some wedding invites for his sister Jaime. I seys, sure dude, lets do this. This is the complete process of printing some nice simple invites for a nice simple girl that turned those invites into something GD beautiful. I tell ya, I had some opinions about those scrapbooker folk, after today, the things I saw, the things I learned... they are a creative forse to be reckoned!!!!!

I order the Magnesium plates from St. Cloud Engraving and went to pick them up. I began the project by cutting the plates down on my trusty letterpress table saw!

Then I cut them, as people do with saws...

Then I mixed a lovely "dusty rose" color that I matched from the scrapbook paper Jamie was using to accent the invite.

After that I applied the ink to the C & P and let that baby ink itself all up

The locked in the plates and started rollin' (get it? Rollin'?)

Then, as luck would have it, things went exceptionally well and we printed all the pieces and Jamie put them all together in a lovely design, surely to make even Martha, green with envy...

The final crafty thing she did was stamping + glitter stuff + cool glitter stuff + ray gun looking-heat apperatus = wicked cool gold emboss leaves thing!

Last but not least we worked out the matter of payment and then I got a bonus, for a great attitude and unmatched hilarity on the job...

I got to add another bottle to my collection!!! Thanks Streine's, I gotta lotta drinkin tah dooooooo!

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