Monday, November 5, 2012

Networking makes the freakin world go round. Period.

I got back into my Bruno Press routine today, not to mention, eating normal food. I don't know why but whenever I take a roadie I eat like a 21 year old frat boy. It is insane and takes me a week to undo the damage.

I just returned from Hamilton Wood Type in  Two rivers, Wisconsin. I badgered my printer posse gals to rally with me to keep the trip within a nice sized budget and to keep the 7 hour drive more entertaining. So Lisa Beth Robinson came from North Carolina, Kimberly Tschida Petters came from St. Paul, and Rachel Melis was a repeat offender that joined me from St. Cloud. It was the perfect combo of women, and women can be tricky. This was the most low maintenance group of chics I have ever had the fortune to travel with, it was awesome.

The trip itself was incredibly insightful, we talked about what chics talk about, guys, lack of good guys, the good guys, and sex or lack thereof. Serious bonding to say the least.

 Pulling into T'Rivers is an exciting thing, it is a small dinky town that seems lackluster until you pull onto Jefferson Street and you behold the Hamilton building. It can take your breath away, that 250 ft tall smokestack (I learned that from Wood Type Trivia).

Walking in is a mix of anxiety and a total thrill. First you smell the ink, the type, the paper, and the anticipation. Then you start to scan the faces for someone you recognize. I am lucky, I know a lot of the heavy hitters. I get hugs, kisses, high fives, and chucks on the shoulders from the likes of Bill Moran, Jim Moran, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr,  Jim Sherraden, Brad Vetter, Tracy Honn, and Rory Sparks. I am not normally a name dropper, but shit, that is impressive and I really truely love those people. I am one lucky sonovabitch and I know this.

The really cool thing is what happens next, people start to come up to me and introduce themselves and I have heard of them and I am interested in what they have to say and vice freakin versa. This is not your typical conference. This is amped up and laid back all at the same time. It is old school and supportive and curious and friendly.

I learned a lot this go around about everything from printing tips from the old geezers (which are worth millions I tell you!), that Hamilton Wood Type needs our help or it will not survive, and production is preservation (which feels good to be a part of). Turns out doing what you love attracts others that do what they love which puts a bunch of people together that love what they do and love to talk about it and love other people that are doing what they love,  and on and freakin on.

This, I believe is what they call the circle of life, and I am happy to be marching along the parameter.

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