Thursday, March 22, 2012


So first of all I started the day off at Granite City Crossfit, which I do almost everyday, the difference was today I did 150 wall balls and 170 single jumpropes. It was the official Crossfit Games Open workout of the week for the crazy mofo's that are trying to place among the real elite, magical, crossfitters out there. Well, it was hard as hell and I can't even do double unders yet, so I am still green in comparisson, but getting through the 150 wall balls was a great accomplishment and I am sure that I will be crippled when I try to get out of bed tomorrow morning. 

Then I came out to the shop to clean up and get ready for a group of college students from CSB/SJU that are in an E scholars program that streamlines a path to starting your own business. It is exciting to be in a room full of excited, motivated, hungry for success types. I would say about 12 of them filed in and found a spot to stand as I fired up my schpiel about how I got to where I am today. Actually, it is a really great talk, it's a killer story. When I have to make an outline of the things i have done in my life up until now, holy crap, there is a ton of cool shit. I have been to a lot of places. I know a TON of people. I am what I like to call a master networker. I had to go back in time a bit to explain how all this letterpress got started with us Bruno's and I gotta talk about how I came up with my kickass logo. I touch on all the work I have made and how the cards started. I weave in and out of the card making process and where I come up with my brilliant card ideas (mostly when I am drinking), and then to all the custom work I have produced. I talk about all the places I have printed and the things I have accomplished on my own. The shows I have been in, the panels I have spoken on, and the people I have printed with. When I really stop to think about the people that have (cheesy) touched my life, I really get choked up. I truely may not get rich, but dammit, I will be happy and proud. 
This was as the students were leaving, thanks fer comin' kids!

I talk about the lessons I have learned, like how not everyone is going to love what I make, I can hardly understand why or what may possibly be wrong with those people, but I have come to accept this fact. I have further come to see that if people are hatin' on me, atleast they are talking about me and what I am doing and you know what they say, any publicity is good freakin publicity. I showed off the most recent stuff that is hot off the press and how I am working towards going to the New York Stationary show in May of this year. 

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